Lost Paradise Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Lost Paradise is a bird watching haven set amongst towering tropical rainforest with a peaceful stream rippling through the property.

The observant bird watcher will find the endangered Southern Cassowary, Wet Tropics endemics such as Pied Monarch, the local form of Double-eyed Fig-parrot and McLeay’s Honeyeater as well as a full suite of fruit doves and ‘hard to see’ species such as Red-necked Crake.

The open grounds allow many photo opportunities for the enthusiastic bird snapper as the ancient figs throughout Lost Paradise provide excellent sighting points.

For the general naturalist a careful morning stroll along the creek bank may provide a sighting of the rare and declining Boyd’s Rainforest Dragon

in addition to a tropical botanical garden alive with Wet Tropics endemic trees, shrubs and vines. A morning chorus ringing with Yellow Orioles, Black Butcherbirds, Wompoo Pigeons and more of the 120 plus species known to occur on this 14 acre ornithological haven will assure any bird watcher an enduring memory of truly staying in a “Lost Paradise.”

Two of our regular visitors to Lost Paradise. A pair of Cassowaries


Photograph by
Lost paradise

A very young cassowary chick looking right into the camera lens
The cassowary chick is in safe hands, with its protective father close by
Some birds can be difficult to spot as their camouflage helps them blend into their environment

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