Activities around Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is an unspoilt tropical paradise of World Heritage-listed rainforest, golden, sandy beaches and the closest departure point to the Great Barrier Reef, Dunk Island and Bedarra Island.

Mission Beach is a two hour, 140 kilometre drive south of Cairns international and domestic airport. You can get to Mission Beach by driving along one of the Great Tropical Drive trails or from Townsville.


Mission Beach offers great fishing trips. Trips are available for estuary fishing in the Hull River, Murray River and around Hinchinbrook Island, and to the reef for the more dedicated reef and game fishermen. Fishing can be done from anywhere along the beaches too. Lost Paradise is a short distance from Mission Beach, and just down the road from the Hull River boat ramp, perfect for fishing and crabbing.

Fishing at Mission Beach

Great Barrier Reef

Mission Beach is the closest departure point to the Great Barrier Reef. One of Australia’s most remarkable natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. The reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays and literally hundreds of picturesque tropical islands with some of the worlds most beautiful sun-soaked, golden beaches. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, it is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth visible from space.

Mission Beach is the closest point to the Great Barrier Reef, North Queensland, Australia

Helicopter Flights

The ultimate way to explore the area. Choose from helicopter scenic flights, day tours, lunch tours, island transfers, beach picnics, photography tours and heli-sports. Wonderful river gorges, waterfalls and much more are accessible from Mission Beach by helicopter.

Mission Beach looks even more beautiful from a helicopter


Mission Beach is known internationally for it’s unique beauty & oustanding beaches. You can have a bird’s eye view of Australia’s most spectacular coastal views when you skydive. It is an unforgettable adventure that leaves you feeling exhilarated long after you are back on the ground!

Dunk Island and the Family Group, Mission Beach, North Queensland
Skydiving over mission beach, dunk island and the family group
Overlooking Mission Beach during a skydive
Almost ready to land on the beach, skydiving at mission beach north queensland

Photographs by Danielle Swindale

White Water Rafting

Join the thousands of people every year who raft the Tully River in remote World Heritage Rainforest. With the release of water into the river controlled by a hydro electric dam the water levels are guaranteed all year round, and the tropical climate of North Queensland means it’s always the perfect time to get into a raft. It remains one of the ‘must do’ adventure activities, attracting visitors from around the globe.

White Water Rafting, Tully River, North Queensland

Photograph by Danielle Swindale

Lady Bowen Shipwreck

Only 34 metres below the surface, the Lady Bowen shipwreck is an adventure dive off the coast of Mission Beach. With coral formations and a multitude of marine life including giant groupers, lionfish, sea snakes, turtles, sharks and huge rays, it is a spectacular dive!

Walking Trails

Explore Mission Beach’s rainforests. Choose from a variety of walking trails and hikes. Popular tracks include Bicton Hill, Licuala Fan Palm Walk, Edmund Kennedy Walking track and Lacey’s Creek.

Paronella Park

In 1913 Jose Paronella started building a castle in the virgin forest alongside Mena Creek, and by 1935 a magnificent castle with grand staircases, lakeside tunnels and bridges, picnic areas and magnificent gardens opened to the public. Current owners Mark and Judy Evans have lovingly restored Paronella Park to be leisurely enjoyed both day and night, incorporating informative tours. Visitors can explore the architecturally unique ruins of the Castle and buildings of yesteryear, or wander through the lush gardens and Australian rainforest while being transported to another time and place altogether. Paronella Park is located on Japoonvale Road, Mena Creek, 40 minutes north of Mission Beach.

Paronella Park is a short drive from Mission Beach.
Paronella Park, North Queensland. Under the full moon.

Photographs courtesy of Paronella Park

Staircase leading to the bridge at Paronella Park.
Picnic Area overlooking the waterfalls at Paronella Park.

Wheeler & Coombe Islands

Imagine a whole island all to yourself, this could be a reality on the Great Barrier Reef’s Wheeler or Coombe Islands, part of the Family Islands National Park. These islands are accessible by sea kayak, private boat or charter vessel from Mission Beach, Cardwell, Hull River or Tully River.

Tropical wines

Set amongst the tropical rainforests and fertile cane fields of North Queensland, Murdering Point Winery offers a range of high-quality red and white fruit ports and wines that are uniquely Australian and deliver an exciting and stimulating tropical taste experience. Founded by the Berryman family in 2001, Murdering Point Winery has rapidly gained a reputation for the quality of its wines and the innovative use of a wide range of exotic tropical fruits, particularly Australian native tropical fruits Lemon Aspen and Davidson Plum. Murdering Point Winery is located on the Canecutter Way in Silkwood, 20 minutes north of Mission Beach, and is a key attraction of the Great Tropical Drive.

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